Many of you have been asking for more of my secrets to successful travel tips since my Blog in late 2014 on the art of evading jetlag (

The sharing of road warrior tales and tips is a genuine sharing of ideas and insights around how to make travel easier, more enjoyable, more productive, and more restful, all at the same time.

This has inspired me to share, over the next few months some of my personal preferences and practices – the things that make travel more of a joy.

This month, it’s all about Tech for Travellers.

I must admit that this subject makes me smile. It really is one of the only times that fellow business travellers, even as strangers, compare their stuff. Like children on a playground stealthily checking out each other’s toys, fellow passengers can be seen catching a quick glance to see what gadgets the person next them is using.

The investigation does not stop at the brand of the mobile device, tablet, laptop, or headphones but the comparison goes down to model level. Respectful curiosity and subtle competitiveness.

So, my TOP pieces of technology when travelling, firstly less is more, when needing to manage all of the cords, chargers, and of course, security screening areas.

These are my ‘musts’, a shortlist of seven:

Number 1: My iPad

For me, the iPad is the single most important travel tool to change the travelling world. It was a game changer. Honouring the need for light,  compact, easily accessible, very easy to use essential reading (newspapers, books and magazines), and of course movie and TV show watching, it also acts as a back-up office for emails and schedule management. My iPad is my must-take, every time, and every trip.

Gavin on ipadNumber 2: iPhone 6

The sexy sibling to my iPad, my iPhone 6 is another critical must-take. But it’s not just about its phone functionality. I rely on it as my navigator, my alarm clock, my currency convertor, and even my translator, as well as my evening flashlight, and of course my on the plane built-in iPod, whilst only in flight mode.

Number 3: Go Pro Hero 4 Camera

Another game-changer, this brilliant little device made cameras relevant again. It’s small, extremely tough, waterproof with the correct case, yet can achieve huge feats, shooting fun, favourite memories in a way that is remarkably easy to use, even if the subject matter and method of capture is completely crazy!

Number 4: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

One of my favourite aspects of travel is the ability to zone out, getting lost in my favourite music. These headphones are best in class when it comes to sound quality, compactness and separation from other airline noises, be they aircraft of passenger. The rest of the world simply fades away.

Number 5: Logitech Boom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On the flipside, when I want my love of music and good sound to be heard outside of headphones, these are the perfect balance between small size and big, exceptional sound.

Number 6: Tumi Universal Power Adaptor Kit

Never ever get caught unable to connect. I know this adaptor kit has everything I need to keep charged everywhere I go. If it’s not in the kit, it simply doesn’t exist.

And Lastly, Number 7: Portable USB Battery Charger

No explanation needed! An absolute necessity for me with all the electronic items I carry. One of the best things about it? I can charge more than one device because of its multiple connection points. Truth be told, I always have a couple of chargers with me…just in case, and so I can lend a hand to anyone in need.

Small, smart, simple to transport, all of the above essential tech travel companions for me. There are many others gadgets that I have used over the years, but in the end, what wins for me is what makes sense for my travel lifestyle. No fuss, no fidgeting, no risk of finding myself out of power or out of contact.

What keeps you calm, connected and moving forward? I’d love to hear what devices make it into your carry-on.

Wishing you safe, smooth and stylish travels.


  1. I just became a fan of Tumi’s Universal power adapter…but my future a gadget must have is the upcoming Apple Watch! can’t wait.

  2. Gavin, thanks for the insight. I was very surprised you put GoPro under your essential kit and I must buy the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, those sound like a life saver.

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