Just 60 days… Can you believe that 60 days is all we have left of 2015? Another year is racing by, and soon we will be turning the last page of 2015 to reveal the start of 2016.

Year after year, as much as we say that we need to slow down and be more ‘in the moment’, somehow the moments just seem to flash by. And so here I am again, looking ahead at the rapidly disappearing time between now and the end of this year, wondering where the time has gone.

As I pause to write this month’s blog I am in the United States at the end of a worldwide, and whirlwind, tour of Trafalgar’s global offices. The reason for the travel has been something that has excited me for months to come – launching our new brand positioning ‘Simply the Best. For all of us at Trafalgar, it is an occasion to stand tall.

Part of the build-up to the launch has been challenging the team to be all that they are, living the brand personally by defining for themselves “simply my best”. As I did so for myself, I made my promises, defining for myself how I can be my best.

It then struck me that this was not a new exercise – at beginning of the year I had also made personal promises to myself. New Years Resolutions some may call them. To me they are reminders to myself to keep what is important a priority.

Time has past, and now here I am looking to the end of 2015 and asking myself the question, “what promises have I fulfilled?” I made a number of personal commitments, from unplugging my tech connections more often to be able to personally connect more to myself and those around me, and making the effort to visit the destinations I’d like to experience of the first time.

So, how have I done?

Honestly, not as well as I thought I would back in January…

Sitting back and reflecting on my personal pledges, it hit me that it is all too easy to think about, and then not fulfill the opportunities we see and commitments we make. Especially when they are personal. So easily, the promises we make to ourselves fall by the wayside to ensure that we deliver on our promises to one another.

I know I do this. In my professional life, I take such pride in my ability to always stay true to my word. I cannot say the same to myself.

As important as promises are that we make to our professional lives, so too are those that we make to ourselves. And so, as we approach the end of the last quarter, and the year, this is the time to pause, just for a moment, and reflect on the promises that we made not only to one another, but to ourselves. In doing so, with time still remaining, we will be able to find ways to ensure that we fulfill our promises – especially those to ourselves.

Our strength as many is because of our strength one by one by one. As we begin the countdown to the last hours of 2015, I invite you, I encourage you, to reflect on the promises for 2015 you made to you. Take the time to refocus on what really matters, as one and as many. 2016 will be so much stronger for it.


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